DIY Conversions

  • To Bathroom, or not to Bathroom

    When you’re planning your van conversion layout, it can be a major decision whether to include a bathroom or not!
  • Thinsulate - The Best Insulation For A Van - Now Available in Canada

    If you've ever been tasked to insulate a camper van, you're probably already familiar with Thinsulate and it's application. You might also be familiar with how difficult this stuff can be to get in Canada!
  • Secure Your Gear with Unaka Fork Mounts for Bikes

    For us, camping without our bikes isn't an option. We always have bike storage in mind when converting a van - our aluminum slide out tray like the...
  • Create a DIY roof rack with our Promaster footpads.

    Roof racks are an essential component of your campervan conversion for maximizing space efficiency and distributing weight on your roof. Using thes...
  • Scopema Seat Swivel Installation - Ford Transit Passenger Side

      We’ve installed a few types of swivels in the past but never been totally impressed with their quality. That is until we came across the Sco...