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We are enjoying some much needed time off, with a road trip to the Baja! We will be checking emails periodically, but will only be responding to those that are time sensitive. We are back in shop Dec 8th.

Thank you for your patience! Stay tuned to our trip on instagram @curiouscampervans

 Curious Campervans builds handcrafted campervans based out of Penticton, BC, Canada. We also have a growing line of DIY products for those doing their own conversion.

curious campervans team

We built Curious Campervans after a 6 month adventure from Estonia to Senegal in a self converted Ford Transit.

All of our conversions maintain a high level of craftsmanship, individuality and charm. Whether you are a hardcore adventurist, a family on the vacation of a lifetime, or a couple looking for a way to escape - we'd love to build your dream van.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions regarding our campervans or the conversion process that aren’t covered in our FAQ. Connect with us below, or check out our instagram page @curiouscampervans.



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