We first fell in love with van life during a trip between Senegal and Estonia in a low-roof Ford Transit.

Fast forward 10 years later: we’ve lived in our Sven van for months at a time, travelled extensively up and down the West Coast of North America, and built over 10 handcrafted campervans. We also recently moved into a tiny house — further solidifying our commitment to minimalist living.

We love the freedom that van life provides.

We believe less is more.

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SOK Lithium Batteries

Affordable, high quality lithium batteries now available in Canada. With low temp cutoff and a 7-year warranty, these are a no-brainer for your all-season rig.


Water Tanks

Designed to fit around the wheel well, these tanks make efficient use of the otherwise wasted (& hard to design around!) space. Now available for Sprinter, Transit, and Promaster vans!


Roof Racks

Affordable, easy to install, and versatile. Our roof racks will hold anything (solar panels, light bars, decking, rooftop tents, awnings...etc.)