DIY Conversions

  • Plumbing your Camper Van

    Water is certainly something you’ll always need to have available when you’re travelling or living in your van. Having a proper plumbing system can be more straightforward than you might think.
  • Basic Maintenance for your Camper Van

    When you own a van, it’s important that you’re keeping up to date on your maintenance. The vehicle manufacturer will set the service intervals and write them in the owner’s manual, or you can give the dealer a call to find out when and what you should be servicing. We recommend doing vehicle services at least annually, regardless of the miles you’ve put onto the van.
  • To Bathroom, or not to Bathroom

    When you’re planning your van conversion layout, it can be a major decision whether to include a bathroom or not!
  • Insulating your Van

    Insulation is one of the most important, and also most debated parts of building a converted campervan. There’s quite a few options out there for material, and people innovating it so that it can maximize space in the van while also providing good thermal resistance in hot or cold climates.
  • What to Look For When Buying a Used Van

    Picking out the vehicle you will convert is not a process you want to cut corners on, but it can be easier said than done sometimes!

    There are some specific things that we would suggest you make sure to look at before signing off on your vehicle purchase.

  • Thinsulate - The Best Insulation For A Van - Now Available in Canada

    If you've ever been tasked to insulate a camper van, you're probably already familiar with Thinsulate and it's application. You might also be familiar with how difficult this stuff can be to get in Canada!
  • Secure Your Gear with Unaka Fork Mounts for Bikes

    For us, camping without our bikes isn't an option. We always have bike storage in mind when converting a van - our aluminum slide out tray like the...
  • Create a DIY roof rack with our Promaster footpads.

    Roof racks are an essential component of your campervan conversion for maximizing space efficiency and distributing weight on your roof. Using thes...
  • 5 Lessons From a 5-Time Van Converter

    With the coronavirus in full swing, we’re doing our best to stay isolated at our shop in Penticton and work on our fifth van conversion. Here are...
  • Scopema Seat Swivel Installation - Ford Transit Passenger Side

      We’ve installed a few types of swivels in the past but never been totally impressed with their quality. That is until we came across the Sco...
  • Roger that! A beautiful off-grid adventure van for cyclists.

      Our latest van conversion is complete! Roger is a 2018 Ford Transit High Roof that is built for an adventurous couple that loves cycling. Th...
  • Van Conversion 101: Vans, Layout, Design

    Like most construction projects, getting started can feel overwhelming. There are so many choices in layouts, designs, appliance and storage needs,...