Thinsulate - The Best Insulation For A Van - Now Available in Canada

If you've ever been tasked to insulate a camper van, you're probably already familiar with Thinsulate and its application. You might also be familiar with how difficult this stuff can be to get in Canada!

Considering that we use it in all of our van builds, we're pretty accustomed to going through hurdles trying to order it from various suppliers, from Amazon to Ebay and beyond, which aren't always the most reliable for getting this product when we need it. Even when we secure a source for ordering, we've been paying substantial amounts in shipping and duties just to get it delivered to BC.

Knowing that this has been a big challenge for us, we figured there are other DIYers out there who could use some help. We've pulled some strings to solve this problem for our fellow Canadians and became a distributor for it right here in Penticton, BC so you can order it from our website and save a bunch of money on shipping and duties. We now offer FREE shipping within Canada on all of our products!

Here's just some of the benefits we love most about insulating with this material:

  • Delivers more acoustic absorption per unit weight vs. competitive products
  • Helps customers meet mass reduction goals
  • Non-woven sound absorbing fibers create a quieter vehicle environment
  • Hydrophobic fibers resist moisture, mold and mildew
  • Easy to fill gaps
  • Doesn't off-gas
  • No loose, itchy fibers


It also is, in fact, quite thin! This leaves a lot of flexibility in your build for space as well as making sure you're not adding unnecessary weight in your van.

For more information on Thinsulate as an insulation, take a look at THIS ARTICLE from Far Out Ride. They go through an excellent comparison of Thinsulate up against other forms of insulation. Its a great resource for when you're making decisions about this process for your van.
There's lot's of options for insulation out there, but Thinsulate is absolutely our go-to choice for our van conversions!

To grab some for your van conversion, head over to our Shop HERE.