Secure Your Gear with Unaka Fork Mounts for Bikes

For us, camping without our bikes isn't an option. We always have bike storage in mind when converting a van - our aluminum slide out tray like the one seen in our E-Biker's Dream van has become a huge hit! 

One challenge about storing bikes inside is the need to build a high bed. We tried numerous fork mounts before discovering these super low profile mounts from Unaka Gear Co. Because in your conversion, literally every inch counts. 

Here's a shortlist of the design features:

  • Compatible with 12mm, 15mm, and 20mm diameter axles
  • Clamps down on the axle, so no need to remove it to mount your bike
  • Axle centerline is only 11/16" from the base = lowest profile fork mount on the market - allows you to lower the bed platform and gain more headspace above
  • Anodized finish
  • See full dimensions here

Their profile is so low that they include a 6061 black anodized aluminum 1/4" and 1/2" thick base spacers incase the mount is so low you have to raise it up a touch for your bike.  



    You can see how simple the installation is, and this particular design makes it so much easier to get bikes in and out of the van when you get to the trailhead. There's no more fussing trying to align and thread your axel in a cramped space both before and after you're finished with your excursion.

    To make them more accessible for those us north of the border, we've partnered with Unaka to sell them to you right here in Canada! Save on duties and exchange rate fees, and take advantage of our FREE SHIPPING on all orders within Canada!

    You can check them out on our website HERE to find out more details about them and purchase.

    If you want to see even more detail and learn more about Unaka, you can have a look at the fork mounts on their website HERE

    So far, we've had nothing but awesome experiences with their product and their company, and we're certain you'll love the functionality these fork mounts bring to the table as much as we do!