Roger that! A beautiful off-grid adventure van for cyclists.

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Our latest van conversion is complete! Roger is a 2018 Ford Transit High Roof that is built for an adventurous couple that loves cycling. The layout features a permanent double bed and unique garage designed for storing two bikes without removing any wheels. The kitchen galley is handcrafted out of ¾” birch plywood and is equipped with a stainless steel sink, 12v refrigerator and propane cooktop.

With 300W of solar power, 220 amp hours AGM batteries and 1000W inverter, being off-grid is a main focus. Keeping phones and devices charged is easy with Roger’s three 110V outlets and two USB outlets. A Propex HS2000 propane heater delivers 6500 BTUs to keep warm on cool days and nights.

Roger is elegantly finished with live edge fir trim and countertop, industrial vinyl plank flooring, custom window curtains and leather drawer and cabinet handles. The garage features a large rollout storage area that can withstand up to 400 lbs of weight. A porta potty also rolls out under the bed for any bedtime emergencies.


We based many layout decisions on the owners previous experience with a campervan. They loved the ability to access their bikes in the back of the van without having to remove the wheels. A low, permanent bed was desired, along with a seat swivel so that two people could sit inside comfortably.


The walls and ceiling are insulated with spray foam for its high R factor (6.2 per inch), vapor barrier capabilities and sound proofing. Additional safe and sound insulation was used in areas where needed. We used insulated plywood subfloor to insulate the floor.


To get the flooring on a single level, we used ⅜” plywood strips. The plywood sublfloor was glued on top and finally the industrial plank vinyl flooring to finish.


The ceiling is made of shiplap pine with an oil based polyurethane finish.


We installed three CR Lawrence windows in the van. The bottom half of each window opens with a hand crank and they are slightly tinted. Custom curtains were put in as well.


6 gallon fresh and grey water tanks are located underneath the sink unit that provide water to the sink’s faucet and the outdoor shower located at the rear of the van. A 12V Flowmax water pump averages 45 PSI with water flow of three gallons per minute.


A 20lb propane tank and locker is located in the rear of the vehicle. It delivers gas to the cooktop in the kitchen and the Propex heater located under the passenger seat. The storage locker is sealed and vented through the floor. To ensure safety we installed a propane alarm and had the system inspected by a provincial inspection agency.


The electrical system consists of 220 amp hours of AGM batteries made by Discover (model EVGC6A-A). These batteries allow a discharge of 20% SOC without incurring damage. 300W of Renogy solar panels on the roof and a 30amp Rich Solar MPPT charge controller deliver power to the batteries. We also connected the batteries to the Transit’s starting batteries via the Victron Cyrix Battery Combiner.

The Xantrex 1000W True Sine Wave Inverter powers the 110V outlets and the Victron BMV-700 battery monitor keeps a close eye on state of charge and battery performance in a quick snapshot.


The cabinets are built with ½” and ¾” birch pre-finished plywood. Drawer fronts are made from featherweight MDF to keep the weight down. Drawer locks and soft close hinges were used on the cabinets. 

Reclaimed fir was used for the countertop and shelf trim. Commercial grade diamond tread vinyl is used in the bike storage area of the garage to prevent scuffing.


A big thank you to Jenny and Brian who were our dream first clients! We can’t wait to hear of the adventures they have with Roger.