Webasto Air Top 2000 Heater - Diesel

Webasto Air Top 2000 Heater - Diesel
Webasto Air Top 2000 Heater - Diesel

Webasto Air Top 2000 Heater - Diesel

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  • Save Gas and Avoid Carrying Extra Fuel
  • Pays for Itself
  • Easy and Consistent
  • SmarTemp Thermostat
  • Low Maintenance


Freezing toes, icy breath, crying babies, frozen pipes! …all problems that are easily solved by adventuring in the warmer climates OR getting smart with our Webasto Air Top Diesel Heater. 

A top-of-the-market choice when it comes to idle-free heating tech, Webasto is for those looking at the best money and gas-saving alternatives. By pre-setting the temperature, which you can do up to seven days in advance, the SmarTemp Control switches to maintaining immediate and consistent temperatures inside the vehicle by recirculating the air. No worries, it also makes sure to consistently draw the air in as well! Rest assured that SmarTemp is as intelligent as it sounds and will keep you happily breathing, no control over the cat that likes to sleep with its tail in your face though.

Did we mention you'll save fuel too by the way? We're not mentioning this because of the ability to not worry about running out of gas on a snowed-in morning, though this too is substantial, but because you’ll save money on fuel. Believe it or not, these pay themselves off in fuel costs in as little as six months, after that it'll be nothing but warm sunshine and happy rainbows.

The best part is that for the amount of control and accessibility these heaters provide, they are also incredibly easy to use and maintain. Simply set and go, the controls do the rest while you sit back and relax away those winter chills. 

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Most Popular - With the Webasto being super straightforward to use, idle-free, cost-efficient, and fuel-saving, it is easy to see why this is the most popular choice on the market today.  
  • Save Gas and Avoid Carrying Extra Fuel - Utilize your vehicle's own fuel tank to save on gas. Avoid carrying the extra fuel tanks with you too. 
  • Pays for Itself - Instead of idling your vehicle for hours on end, the Webasto heaters use fuel once the engine is off, but then they keep recirculating and maintaining clean heat as well. This type of system is able to cut costs enough to have your heater paying for itself in as little as six months. 
  • Easy and Consistent - Extremely easy for even your toddler to figure out (Or so we have heard, thankfully it mounts on a wall.) and to maintain. Systems are meant to be pre-set and left to do their thing, which is consistently keeping you happy with the perfect temperature. 
  • SmarTemp Thermostat - Produced by one of Australia’s leading smart heating solutions companies, SmarTemp technology has been over twenty years in the making. The products are guaranteed to be easy to use, consistent, and up for scalability in case you want to add some flair to your future adulated campervan. 
  • Low Maintenance - Currently the most efficient and cost-friendly option the market has to offer. We promise to send you an update if it can get any better than this!

Provides rapid cab heat without idling
Uses as little as 1 Gallon (3.8 l) of fuel in a 22 hour period
CARB approved and EPA SmartWay verified
Fast Return on Investment
Quiet operation ensures a restful night’s sleep
Full diagnostics with PC interface available
High heat output in a compact design
Proven quality & reliable performance
Tested & Verified
7,000 BTU/h output (2 kW)
12V / 24V