Victron Venus GX

Victron Venus GX
Victron Venus GX
Victron Venus GX
Victron Venus GX
Victron Venus GX
Victron Venus GX
Victron Venus GX
Victron Venus GX

Victron Venus GX

  • Provides quick snapshots of battery and power status for rapid assessment.
  • Offers remote access for comprehensive system control from any location.
  • Features a customizable program for automatic starts tailored to quiet periods, alongside visual monitoring of live data, optimizing solar power usage for cost savings.
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Utilize the remote console for seamless device configuration and monitoring. Accessible via the VRM, integrated Wi-Fi access point, or local LAN/Wi-Fi network, this feature ensures flexibility and convenience.

The start/stop system is fully customizable, considering factors like state of charge, voltage, and load. It establishes specific rules for quiet periods and optionally initiates a monthly test.

With an Internet connection, all data is transmitted to the VRM portal. In case of no internet access, the Venus GX internally stores data for 48 hours. Internet connectivity options include Ethernet or Wi-Fi, although there's no internal mobile modem. Use a standard 3G router or GPRS instead.

Additional strengths include automatic updates from the Internet whenever new software versions are available. The Venus GX supports multiple languages, catering to a diverse user base: English, Czech, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Russian, Swedish, Turkish, Chinese, Arabic.

Additional information:

  • height-1: 12
  • length-1: 6
  • width-1: 22


Data Sheets

Venus GX
Victron GX product range


    Height 12"
    Length 6"
    Width 22"

    Venus GX

    VE.Bus 2 paralleled RJ45 sockets – isolated
    Automotive In progress
    Outer 45 x 143 x 96
    Ethernet 10/100/1000MB RJ45 socket – isolated except shield
    Temp range -20 to +50°C

    The Venus GX provides intuitive control and monitoring for all Victron power systems. The list of
    Victron products that can be connected is endless: Inverters, Multis, Quattros, MPPT solar chargers,
    BMV battery monitors, Lynx Ion + Shunt and more.

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