Victron MultiPlus Compact Inverter/Charger (12/2000/80)

Victron MultiPlus Compact Inverter/Charger (12/2000/80)
Victron MultiPlus Compact Inverter/Charger (12/2000/80)
Victron MultiPlus Compact Inverter/Charger (12/2000/80)

Victron MultiPlus Compact Inverter/Charger (12/2000/80)

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  • Combined Inverter-Charger
  • True Sine Wave
  • Adaptive Charging
  • Hybrid Power Assist Tech

If you’ve landed on this page, you are either well versed in electrical systems, or as lost as we were when writing this description. For the latter half, we’d like to simplify this for you. 

An inverter converts Direct Current into Alternating Current. So when you charge a house battery off of your engine or solar panels, you then have to convert that current to smooth and usable electricity. You need something that won't fry your computer charger or hair when using a straightener though, hence you need a power inverter to keep that output of power safe and consistent. This theory applies to multiple applications. Basically, if you have a house battery and need to plug anything else in, well, you need an inverter.

A charger is pretty self-explanatory, it charges stuff! Specifically, though, it charges your battery while running other applications, depending on how you set it up. What is unique here, and why you want this particular device, is that it’s a two-for-one deal. Any electrical system needs both these pieces to run at the top tier, and the MultiPlus is as good as you can get. 

If you are looking for technicalities, read further into the features and details to get a full run down, but we’d like to point out the many features of this piece now too while we have your attention. Adaptive charging, hybrid PowerAssist technology, multi-system integration features, and true sine wave inverter tech are the main ones. Basically, these are here to protect you from power surges and other issues that make you reset your power if you use the wrong blow dryer at the wrong time. 

Get set up with the right components to begin with and you’ll never have to worry about plugging in all your recording equipment or blowing a fuse in the middle of a podcast. 

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Dual Purpose - A combined inverter and charger in one elegant package. If you have electricity, you need both of these systems, and knocking it out in one go saves money and time on your end. 
  • True Sine Wave Inverter - For the electrically impaired, or savvy, this means a steady current. You should be as close to running things in a home as you can get with this technology charging your campervan. 
  • Adaptive Charging - Not only does it charge, but it knows when NOT to charge. Batteries are meant to run cycles, not stay at completely filled 24/7. The key to this is to continuously run them down, charge them up, and then start over. Adaptive charging makes sure you don't leave the battery in its own headspace trying to charge when it doesn't need it and wearing itself down. 
  • Hybrid PowerAssist Technology 

Option to add-on the Digital Multiplus Control 200/200A GX with 5M Network Cable (RJ45).

Full specs in the operation manual here.


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