Victron 450/100-Tr MPPT RS SmartSolar Controller

Victron 450/100-Tr MPPT RS SmartSolar Controller
Victron 450/100-Tr MPPT RS SmartSolar Controller
Victron 450/100-Tr MPPT RS SmartSolar Controller
Victron 450/100-Tr MPPT RS SmartSolar Controller
Victron 450/100-Tr MPPT RS SmartSolar Controller
Victron 450/100-Tr MPPT RS SmartSolar Controller

Victron 450/100-Tr MPPT RS SmartSolar Controller

  • Handles up to 450V/100A for demanding solar setups
  • Efficient energy harvesting with advanced tracking technology
  • Remote management for flexibility, designed for longevity and reliability in solar applications. Compatible with various solar panels and systems.
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The Victron SmartSolar charge controller serves as a crucial link between photovoltaic modules and batteries, enhancing energy harvest from the modules with optimal efficiency.

Key Features:

  1. Ultra-fast Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT): Rapidly and accurately maximizes power extraction from photovoltaic modules, ensuring peak performance in varying light conditions.

  2. Advanced Maximum Power Point Detection (MPPT) in Partial Shading: Utilizes sophisticated technology to detect and optimize power points even in situations of partial shading, maximizing energy yield.

  3. Outstanding Conversion Efficiency without Fan Cooling: Achieves exceptional conversion efficiency, surpassing 98%, without the need for fan cooling. Enhances overall performance and reliability.

  4. Fully Programmable Charge Algorithm: Empowers users with flexibility through a fully programmable charge algorithm. Features eight pre-programmed algorithms, selectable with a rotary switch, catering to diverse charging needs.

  5. Extensive Electronic Protection: Incorporates comprehensive electronic protection mechanisms, safeguarding the system against potential risks and ensuring long-term durability.

  6. Internal Temperature Sensor: Monitors internal temperatures to optimize performance and contribute to the controller's adaptive capabilities.

  7. Real-time Data Display with VictronConnect Application: Provides real-time data display through the VictronConnect application, offering users convenient access to critical information for effective monitoring and control.

  8. Three Charging Stages: Bulk - Absorption - Float: Adheres to a three-stage charging process, transitioning through Bulk, Absorption, and Float stages. This ensures efficient and controlled battery charging, extending the lifespan of the batteries.

The Victron SmartSolar Charge Controller, featuring advanced MPPT technology, enhances energy harvest significantly, outperforming PWM and slower MPPT controllers in dynamic lighting conditions. Its innovative algorithm adjusts to multiple power points during partial shading, ensuring optimal energy capture.

This controller offers remote management via Bluetooth-enabled devices, allowing convenient wireless control, monitoring, and updates using the VictronConnect application. Connectivity options include direct links to a Color Control GX, computer, or other devices.

Equipped with an internal temperature sensor, the SmartSolar charger adjusts charging voltage based on temperature, optimizing performance. The extensive electronic protection system automatically adjusts output current in high temperatures (>40°C). Safety features include protection against overheating, short circuits, polarity reversal, and module current reversal.

Additional information:

  • height-1127
  • length-1442
  • width-1310

Data Sheet

SmartSolar MPPT RS

h x w x d 440 x 313 x 126mm
Weight 7.9 kg

Height 127
Length 442
Width 310
Battery Voltage 48 V
Charge Current 100 A
Material Steel
Color Blue

It is used in on-grid and off-grid solar applications where maximum battery charging power
is required.

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