Universal Sliding Bunk Window Right Side - 457x381R

Universal Sliding Bunk Window Right Side - 457x381R
Universal Sliding Bunk Window Right Side - 457x381R
Universal Sliding Bunk Window Right Side - 457x381R

Universal Sliding Bunk Window Right Side - 457x381R

  • Efficient Ventilation: Features an opening window and integrated screen for fresh airflow without insects.
  • Privacy and Glare Reduction: Tinted glass enhances privacy and reduces glare while complementing your vehicle's exterior.
  • Easy Installation: No inside edge needed, with secure bonding using urethane adhesive for hassle-free setup.
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Designed specifically for passenger-side installation in a variety of vehicles. This window combines essential features to enhance functionality and aesthetics, making it an ideal choice for van conversions, RVs, and custom vehicle projects.

Key Features:

  • Passenger Side Fit: Tailored for installation on the passenger side, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of vehicles for seamless integration.
  • Tinted Glass: The window features tinted glass, offering both privacy and reduced glare while complementing the vehicle's exterior appearance.
  • Integrated Screen: Includes a built-in screen to allow fresh airflow while keeping insects out, providing comfort and ventilation inside the vehicle.
  • Opening Window Feature: Incorporates an opening window with approximately 5 3/4 inches of opening, allowing for additional ventilation and customizable airflow.
  • Bounded Window Design: The window is bounded, providing a secure and weather-resistant seal around the edges for durability and longevity.
  • No Inside Edge Required: Simplifies installation with no inside edge needed, facilitating a straightforward and efficient mounting process.
  • Urethane Installation Required: Installation requires urethane adhesive, ensuring a strong and durable bond that withstands various weather conditions and travel demands.


  • Enhanced Ventilation and Comfort: The integrated screen and opening window feature enhance airflow and ventilation, creating a more comfortable interior environment.
  • Privacy and Glare Reduction: Tinted glass reduces glare and enhances privacy inside the vehicle, protecting occupants from harsh sunlight and prying eyes.
  • Durable and Weather-Resistant: Bounded window design and urethane installation ensure a secure, weather-resistant seal, offering long-lasting performance and protection.

Whether for practical functionality or aesthetic enhancement, this window offers versatility and reliability for various vehicle applications. Invest in quality and comfort with this essential passenger-side window.

Dimensions 457 mm x 381 mm (18" x 15")
Side Passenger side
Glass Type Tinted
Screen Integrated
Opening Size Approximately 5 3/4 inches
Installation Requires urethane adhesive

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