Universal Sliding Bunk Window Right - 780-240 R

Universal Sliding Bunk Window Right - 780-240 R
Universal Sliding Bunk Window Right - 780-240 R
Universal Sliding Bunk Window Right - 780-240 R

Universal Sliding Bunk Window Right - 780-240 R

  • Universal Fit: Designed for the passenger side, fits a wide range of vehicles for versatile installation options.
  • Enhanced Comfort: Includes integrated mosquito net for fresh airflow while keeping insects out, perfect for maintaining a comfortable interior environment.
  • Stylish and Protective: Features stained glass to reduce glare and UV exposure, adding privacy and elegance to your vehicle's interior.
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An essential addition designed for the passenger side of diverse vehicles, offering both practicality and aesthetic charm. This window is meticulously crafted to elevate comfort and style while providing essential features for an enhanced driving or traveling experience.

Key Features:

  • Universal Fit: Tailored specifically for the passenger side, this window boasts a universal fit suitable for a broad spectrum of vehicles, making it an ideal choice for van conversions, RVs, and customized projects.
  • Stained Glass: Featuring stained glass, this window adds a touch of sophistication to your vehicle's interior while effectively reducing glare and shielding against harmful UV rays. The stained glass enhances privacy and contributes to the overall aesthetic appeal.
  • Integrated Mosquito Net: Equipped with an integrated mosquito net, the window ensures optimal ventilation without the intrusion of insects, providing a comfortable and insect-free environment inside your vehicle.
  • Glued Window Design: The glued window design ensures a secure and seamless integration with your vehicle's body, delivering a sleek appearance and reinforcing structural integrity.
  • Easy Installation with Urethane: Installation requires urethane adhesive, ensuring a robust and enduring bond that withstands diverse weather conditions and the rigors of travel.


  • Enhanced Comfort and Privacy: Enjoy improved comfort with the integrated mosquito net, facilitating fresh airflow while maintaining privacy and reducing interior glare.
  • Stylish and Protective: The stained glass not only enhances the vehicle's interior aesthetics but also safeguards occupants from UV radiation, promoting a more enjoyable and protected driving experience.
  • Secure and Reliable Fit: The glued window installation provides a secure attachment to your vehicle, enhancing durability and resistance to external elements for sustained performance and longevity.
  • Versatile Application: With its universal compatibility, this window accommodates various vehicle types and sizes, offering versatility for a range of customization and enhancement projects.

Whether you're upgrading your van, RV, or custom vehicle, this window blends practicality with style, enhancing your driving or traveling experience with exceptional comfort and elegance. Invest in quality and versatility with this outstanding passenger-side window.

Dimensions 780 mm x 240 mm (30 3/4" x 9 1/2")
Side Passenger side
Glass Type Stained
Mosquito Net Integrated
Installation Requires urethane adhesive

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