Lumera 220W Bifacial Black Solar Panels

Lumera 220W Bifacial Black Solar Panels
Lumera 220W Bifacial Black Solar Panels
Lumera 220W Bifacial Black Solar Panels
Lumera 220W Bifacial Black Solar Panels

Lumera 220W Bifacial Black Solar Panels

  • Panels are bifacial that will maximize efficiency
  • Black framed for sleek aesthetic
  • Fit perfectly across our Transit and Promaster roof racks to maximize space efficiency
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Experience the perfect blend of elegance and efficiency with the Lumera 220W Bifacial Black Solar Panels. Designed to maximize energy production while adding a sleek aesthetic to your solar array, these panels are ideal for both residential and commercial applications.

Key Features:

Superior Efficiency

  1. Bifacial Technology: Captures sunlight from both the front and rear sides, increasing energy output by up to 30% compared to traditional panels.

  2. 220W Power Output: High power generation ensures optimal performance even in less-than-ideal sunlight conditions.

Elegant Design

  1. Sleek Black Finish: A modern and stylish appearance that seamlessly integrates with any rooftop or solar structure.

  2. Low Profile: Designed to be unobtrusive, enhancing the overall aesthetic of your property.

Durability and Longevity

  1. Robust Construction: Built with high-quality materials to withstand harsh weather conditions, including wind, snow, and rain.

  2. Long-Term Reliability: Proven to maintain high performance over the lifespan of the panel, backed by a comprehensive warranty.

Environmental Impact

  1. Sustainable Energy Solution: By utilizing bifacial technology, these panels help reduce your carbon footprint, contributing to a greener future.

  2. Low Light Performance: Excellent energy capture even in low-light situations such as early mornings, late afternoons, and cloudy days.

Easy Installation and Maintenance

  1. Versatile Mounting Options: Compatible with a variety of mounting systems, making installation straightforward and flexible.

  2. Minimal Maintenance: Designed for durability, these panels require little upkeep, ensuring hassle-free energy production for years to come.

Upgrade to the Lumera 220W Bifacial Black Solar Panels and enjoy the benefits of advanced solar technology combined with an elegant design. Harness the power of the sun more efficiently and stylishly than ever before.

Fits very well across our Ford Transit roof racks.

Our panels have a 5 year limited warranty on workmanship and a 25 year linear performance warranty on power output.  

Weight 14kg
Dimensions 3 x 700 x 1450 cm(1.1811 x 275.591 x 570.8661 in)

Rated Power 220W
Maximum power voltage(Vmp) 19.7V
Maximum power current (Imp) 11.2A
Open circuit voltage (Voc) 22.6V
Short circuit current (Isc) 11.60A
Power coefficient-0.30%/C
Voltage coefficient-0.28%/C
Current coefficient0.045%/C
Max power tolerance+5W
Cell typeMonocrystalline
Module efficiency21%
Series fuse rating15A
Maximum system voltage600VDC
Weight24.12lbs / 10.94kg
Dimensions1410mm x 700mm x 35mm
MaterialsClear anodized aluminum frame; tempered glass
Warranty (Power Outout)25 years

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