Bike Storage

Rollout Kitchen

Swivel Seats


2005 140" T1N Sprinter Conversion

Sven was our first conversion! Back in 2016 we built this beauty for ourselves. We took a long trip down the West Coast when he was finished, and lived in it off and on for a few months at a time before we decided to finally turn our passion into a business.

Sven is a 2005 Dodge Sprinter (we love him for his 4-cylinder diesel engine!). For this build we kept it simple: small bar sink with 12V water pump and 2x 6 gallon jugs, top-loading 12V fridge, and comfy double bed. Sven is a good example of our basic starting conversion (no heater, cooktop, inverter, or aftermarket windows).

We love Sven for his spacious living area and convenient rollout garage. Since we love to camp with our bikes, we created a storage shelf under the bed that rolls out for added convenience. It stores 2 mountain bikes, BBQ, and other camping necessities.