Victron Lynx Distributor for Campervan Power Distribution System

Victron Lynx Distributor for Campervan Power Distribution System
Victron Lynx Distributor for Campervan Power Distribution System

Victron Lynx Distributor for Campervan Power Distribution System

  • Modular DC Busbar
  • Multiple Fuses
  • Convenient Monitoring
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A modular DC busbar, with locations for four DC fuses. It will monitor the status of each fuse, and indicate its condition with a LED on the front. Part of the modular Lynx distribution system.

Unlike the above description, used on every page we’ve found in reference to the Victron Lynx Distributor, we are going to break down what this is in plain English! 

When setting up your van's electrical you will need both your vehicle battery and an in-house system. This equals a lot of separate batteries all running and charging in different ways, sometimes even off of a solar panel or external source. To ensure everything is running smoothly the battery management systems, built into our batteries, make sure they are staying constant and keeping themselves protected from surges and over and underpowering. The fuses connecting these systems are important as they provide the current flow. If they break, aka “blow,” you’ll have issues. The distributor monitors these fuses and connections by indicating with the convenient front LED panel whether the connection is good or bad. If the distributor and fuses aren't working, there will be an interruption in your electrical power.

Whether or not that breakdown was better and more informative for you, know that a distributor is a principal part of your electrical system and you will need one if yours is broken or needs replacing.

If you are on your third reading of this paragraph and are still trying right now to figure out what it is, where you need it, and what it goes with, we would honestly recommend looking at our Money-Saving Victron Energy Component Bundle. It includes this and all other parts you will need with over $300 in savings included. Plus, you won’t have to fret over what the next piece in the system is!

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Modular DC Busbar - Provides distribution and monitoring systems for your campervan's electrical distribution system.
  • Multiple Fuses - Locations for extra monitoring of up to four DC fuses.
  • Convenient Monitoring - The status of each fuse is indicated on a convenient front LED panel. 

Link to all the specs here. 

Free shipping in Canada and USA 🇨🇦 🇺🇸

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