Dometic RTX 2000

Dometic RTX 2000
Dometic RTX 2000
Dometic RTX 2000
Dometic RTX 2000
Dometic RTX 2000

Dometic RTX 2000

  • Most efficient 12V A/C unit on the market; consumes only 19A in Eco mode.
  • Provides prolonged cooling comfort, ideal for extended journeys.
  • Ensures efficient power use, making it environmentally friendly and economical; compact size leaves more roof space for solar panels and other items.
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Introducing the Dometic RTX 2000 -12 Volt Air Conditioner, a highly sought-after cooling solution for camper vans! This cutting-edge, third-generation Dometic CoolAir has established its reputation over a decade in Europe, setting new standards for energy efficiency and cooling power. Unlike its predecessors, the RTX 2000 rooftop unit boasts more than double the cooling capacity within the same operating time, thanks to its innovative variable-speed inverter compressor.

  • Advanced Cooling Technology: The Dometic RTX 2000 -12 Volt Air Conditioner, a third-generation CoolAir model, has been a popular choice in Europe for over a decade, setting new standards in energy efficiency and cooling power.

  • Enhanced Cooling Performance: With a variable-speed inverter compressor, the RTX 2000 rooftop unit delivers more than double the cooling power compared to its predecessors, ensuring maximum cooling with reduced energy consumption.

  • Quiet and Efficient Operation: The two-cylinder compressor ensures remarkably quiet operation, allowing for a peaceful environment within your camper van. The air conditioner's advanced technology contributes to both efficiency and quiet performance.

  • User-Friendly Display: Featuring a large, high-contrast display, the CoolAir provides easy access to individually adjustable air distribution, four operating modes, and an adaptive automatic mode for personalized comfort control.

  • Space Optimization: The compact size of the air conditioner leaves ample space on your van's roof, accommodating additional solar panels and other essentials for a well-equipped travel experience.

  • Energy-Efficient Eco Mode: Operating in eco mode, the RTX 2000 consumes only 19 amps of energy, striking a balance between efficiency and performance. Power consumption ranges between 10 and 58 amps for versatile use.

  • Powerful Specifications: With a 12-volt power supply and an impressive cooling capacity of 6,824 BTU, the RTX 2000 is recommended for use with a battery bank of 180 amp hours or larger, ensuring reliable performance.

  • Versatile Temperature Range: Suitable for ambient temperatures between 41 and 126 degrees Fahrenheit, the CoolAir adapts to various climates, making it a dependable companion for your camper van adventures.

Upgrade your travel comfort with the Dometic RTX 2000 -12 Volt Air Conditioner – where advanced technology meets energy efficiency for an unparalleled cooling experience on the road.


  • 2000W (6,824 BTU), 12 V
  • Turbo cooling operating mode for quick cooling
  • Up to 12 hours of running time
  • All A/C components integrated into roof unit
  • Very quiet
  • Highly efficient: only 19A power consumption in Eco mode
  • The parking cooler is suitable for ambient temperatures of 41 °F to 126 °F


Depth: 25.39"
Height: 12.13"
Width: 33.86"
Net weight, [lbs]: 70.56
Input voltage (DC), [V]: 12
Cooling capacity (ISO 5151), [W]: 2000
Cooling Capacity, [BTU]: 6824
Color: White
Thermostat control: Digital

Documentations and Downloads:

Installation and Operating Manual: Download
Warranty Document: Download

d x h x w 25.3" x 12.13" x 33.86"

d x h x w 25.3" x 12.13" x 33.86"
Input Volage 12 V DC
Color White
Thermostat Control Digital

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