2015 4x4 144" Sprinter Conversion


Charlie came to us as a semi-diy-converter campervan. His owner had already rigged up the solar panels and diesel heater, and installed the roof fan and roof rack. He also had a simple bed platform and a set of Mastercraft metal tool drawers for storage.

We cleaned up his electrical display and built some cabinetry to give Charlie a more home-y feel. We also installed a passenger swivel seat adapter and Lagun table with cushy bench seat to make accommodating inside more comfortable.

Charlie is a 2015 144” wheelbase 4x4 Sprinter who is utilized year-round by his owner, who works in the snowboard industry! Needless to say he needed to be an all-weather, year round champion of comfort and practicality. We forget to get photos of the garage once completed (oops!) but we left this space wide open to make room for bikes, snowboards, and any other gear Charlie needs for his all-season adventures.