West Coast - Our favourite camping spots a stone's throw from Vancouver

Campervans make for the perfect travel companion for exploring British Columbia’s beautiful parks, lakes, and islands. Here’s a few of our favourite stops between the Okanagan Valley and the West Coast:

Jones Lake: If you’re looking for an idyllic spot to break up the drive between the Okanagan and Vancouver, look no further than Jones Lake. Although some less versatile campers may not fair well on the steep, uneven ground getting down to the campsites along the lake, our campervan was able to make the trip. Snag a more private spot on the lake for a more remote vibe, or crash at the main campsite for easier access.

Jones Lake is great for swimming, kayaking, paddleboarding, or even catching crayfish for dinner.


Paradise Valley, Squamish: Appropriately named, Paradise Valley Road has lots of smaller camping spots right next to the river just north of downtown Squamish. At the very end are a couple larger spots that are good for groups. The river is great for fishing or a refreshing morning dip.

There is also a hiking/mountain biking trail that begins at the end of the road, which crosses the railway tracks and follows the river all the way up. This trail eventually meets with the Sea to Sky Highway. Great views over the valley from the top.

Go to the very end of Paradise Valley Road, then keep going on the gravel road until you find a spot to your liking. Be warned, the gravel road is quite uneven in places, so more nimble campervans are preferred over motorhomes for this location. That being said, if there’s a will there’s a way.


Bowen Island: If you’re hankering an island adventure, but don’t want to spend an arm and a leg on ferry fees, head to Bowen Island! The small island is brimming with good restaurants, local shops, hiking and biking trails, and quiet bays. Go to Artisan Eats for delicious coffee and breakfast with a view. Follow it up with a leisurely hike around Killarney Lake or a scenic round of golf.

There is free parking near Bowfest Field, off Dorman Road, right next to Snug Cove on Bowen Island. From there you are walking distance to the shops and restaurants on the main strip, or break out the bicycle for further excursions.