Stoked Adventure MOAB Sprinter Brush Guard

Stoked Adventure MOAB Sprinter Brush Guard
Stoked Adventure MOAB Sprinter Brush Guard

Stoked Adventure MOAB Sprinter Brush Guard

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  • Ultimate Protection
  • Perfect Compatibility
  • Lightweight
  • Maximum Durability

We’d like to take a moment and have you close your eyes while you imagine your perfect Sprinter Campervan. All decked out, clean from the inside out, chrome touches glistening in the sun, and tires, of pure velvety black, ready to roll away with their voluptuous amounts of tread, unused and dying for some road time connections. What. A. Beauty.

And now imagine after you’ve gone over a few gravel roads, hit a couple of brushy fields, and pushed aside those bramble thickets with ten times the power of a team of oxen! 

Skip past the next part where you get home and cry a little as you realize your front end is scratched up and slightly dented from the large branches you and the Sprinter ran over while feeling like Greek gods. Don’t fret too much, at least you didn’t hit a deer and crack your grill and knock out your headlight like your buddy over there.

If this is or is bound to be you, it sounds like you may benefit from a Sprinter Brush Guard. Not any old brush guard though, one designed for your Sprinters front end that is already compatible with all the cameras and sensors meant to keep you ahead of the game. The lightweight aluminum design keeps the weight down, and the powder coating ensures minimal scratching with a tough exterior. 

An important note here too is that, although it sucks and you like to think you’d never hit a critter, it happens. Running into a deer can cause some serious damage and put you behind on your travel plans and financial budget, and running into an elk or moose will probably send you to the hospital. With a brush guard discreetly mirroring your campervan's perfectly rounded front-end grille, you and your Sprinter will be the most protected and stunning around!

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Ultimate Protection - Designed to protect the front end of your Sprinter from brush scratches, large branches, confused critters, and angry parking lots.
  • Perfect Compatibility - Fits without interference with all 2019 - present Sprinter Campervans sensors and cameras.
  • Lightweight - Both easy to install and perfect for keeping your weight load down, the lightweight aluminum makes for a discreet grill.
  • Maximum Durability - Powder coated to strengthen your guard against any oncoming obstacles.


Compatible for 2019+ Sprinters 2500 only (not compatible with Sprinters 3500), including 4x4.

Material: Aluminum 6000 / Powder Coated

Weight: 15 lbs