Sprinter (2006-2018) Cascadia 4x4 - 80 Watt Hood Solar Panel

Sprinter (2006-2018) Cascadia 4x4 - 80 Watt Hood Solar Panel
Sprinter (2006-2018) Cascadia 4x4 - 80 Watt Hood Solar Panel
Sprinter (2006-2018) Cascadia 4x4 - 80 Watt Hood Solar Panel
Sprinter (2006-2018) Cascadia 4x4 - 80 Watt Hood Solar Panel

Sprinter (2006-2018) Cascadia 4x4 - 80 Watt Hood Solar Panel

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  • Space and Weight Saving
  • Easy Installation w/ Plug-and-play MPPT Solar Charge Controller
  • Durable and Maintenance Free
  • Causes No Damage to Your Vehicle
  • NOTE: Can only be connected to non-lithium 12V batteries.
Calling out the Sprinter Van Clan for this announcement! 

We now have not only the best solution to your off-grid power needs, but an all-encompassing little system that saves, space, weight, and batteries. It also allows you to use an electric razor whenever you want, AND should be considered a part of your emergency kit! We now announce to you: THE SPRINTER SOLAR POWER ON HOOD SYSTEM 

If you have been searching for that perfect solar-powered kit but just can’t seem to find the right fit, then look no further. What we offer in this easy-to-install unit is not only effective but stylish. Easily molding to the hood of your van as two thin pieces, these solar panels keep your vehicle lightweight and aerodynamic as you zoom into the sunset. Yes, the sunset, because you have to capture the last of the sun before movie night starts. Besides everything that is already awesome about some hood-mounted panels, you can also chase the rays when you need a little extra juice, just move your van as necessary and be prepared for a lit, or calming, night. Whatever your choice you know, either way, you’ll have power!

Also, we would like to point out how effective these are, in decent sunlight you can have a vehicle started in under 30 minutes. What do you have in your emergency kit? Jumper cables, battery back, battery charger…? Simply install one of these systems and never worry about any of that ever again.

Furthermore, and last but not least, these save your batteries. Remember when you bought your house batteries and put an expected lifespan on them? Well, double it, because you’ll be using this instead. Nothing but good ideas in our book! 

And, apologies to anyone out there without a Sprinter van, we’re sending you love as well and will put in a word with the big guy to get production on these going for your models too.

The Kit Includes:
  • 2x 40 Watt Solar Panels (total output of 80 watts)
  • MPPT Solar Charge Controller System pre-wired with fuses, terminals, and connectors to take out all of the guesswork in setting up the VSS System™
  • Vinyl Base Sheets and 3M neoprene foam strips (protects the vehicle paint from damage)

Key Features & Benefits:
  • Space and Weight Saving - You would think 80 watts of energy mounted on the hood of your Mercedes Sprinter would be a lot of extra weight, but it's not! In fact, the two solar panels are only 3mm thick and install like an aerodynamic bandaid, meaning that your vehicle will not be affected and the weight of the system is negligible.
  • Easy Installation w/ Plug-and-play MPPT Solar Charge Controller – Installing in as little as 1.5 hours (if you read the directions), the waterproof unit mounts in the engine bay and is built for the rough life. Heat and vibration resistant, this automatically controls how much electricity reaches the battery to prevent overcharging. 
  • Durable and Maintenance Free - Consisting of fiberglass and high-tech polymers, the eight laminated layers of these solar panels are marine-grade and screaming for you to put them to the test. Mud, water, snow, ice, sticks, bricks, angry bids, overzealous truckers, or, who knows, the layers create flexibility uncommon in most solar panels allowing them to stand up to the harsh environmental conditions that you have been searching for. Maybe we should look into layered windshields on that note?
  • Causes No Damage to Your Vehicle - Each panel comes equipped with 3M neoprene foam strips. This high-density material acts as a thermal barrier to protect your vehicle's paint from damage and also aids in solar panel cooling. What’s really cool though is that custom cut vinyl sheets are also included to protect the vehicle's paint job as well. Replace or remove when you like and your van should still look brand new! 
  • Easy On The Eyes - Because solar panels are meant to absorb light, a fascinating concept for another time, these are anti-glare, leaving you worry-free from oncoming blinded passengers and terribly glaring background selfies. Also, following the contours and edges of the Sprinter van hood perfectly, the seamless and sleek aesthetic look is sure to leave your friend's vans drooling.
  • Part of Your Emergency Kit - Ever been stranded in the middle of nowhere with a dead battery? If you haven’t started out on your vanlifing journey, then be prepared for it, it will happen. Jumper cables and battery packs are great, but this is the only system that will guarantee you a start when all else fails, as long as you can wait for the sun to come out that is. Once it does, you’ll be up and running in as little as 30 minutes.


  • Specifically designed for the Mercedes Sprinter (2006 - 2018)
  • These panels are meant to charge AGM batteries (not lithium batteries)


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